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22 feb 2022
In Bienvenido al foro
A couple of months ago I wrote about my idea to launch a second blog but in German. Those who remember him may be surprised by one of the conclusions was that the approach is an essential element to succeed with a blog. blog portfolio Fotolia photo rights I haven't changed my mind since then but I have changed my perspective. In life not everything is black and white but there are many grays and if you start looking for even blue, green, red, lilac, etc. I speak of consumer email list a blog portfolio and not a network because they are 2 different concepts. This already deserves a separate entry. Why it might make sense to run multiple blogs consumer email list at once For each argument you will find x distinct arguments that go against a point of view. Although I have focused on this blog for a long time, I have started to diversify my risk by investing in new projects. All or nothing has never been consumer email list a good strategy for long-term success. Risk diversification : launching a blog and having the illusion of being able to earn extra money or even be able to live from it one day is a project that, like any other, has a risk. Betting only on a blog can lead to it not being the right one. By diversifying you can increase the chances of hitting consumer email list the nail on the head with a project. Betting on a niche : whenever you have a golden goose or a project that is already mature, you can start betting on topics that today are not yet very relevant in consumer email list a national market but that are already more popular internationally. Once this trend reaches where you move, you are the one who will be more advanced within the theme. Staying motivated : It's hard to always stay motivated. If you have the possibility of moving around several blogs with different themes, you have more variety, which for many of us favors keeping the flame of illusion alive. For the geeks among us, launching a new blog is like starting to fall in love. Okay, it's not that it's 100% identical, but you invest consumer email list a lot of passion in both cases. Management and creation of a blog portfolio in practice The bad thing about having many blogs is that it multiplies the tasks to be carried out. Without a doubt, it is already complicated (especially at the beginning) to set up a project and have it read by people who do not consumer email list share any surname with you. Since we cannot spend all day writing, we have to find other formulas for content creation. 1. Outsource content creation : one of the keys is outsourcing article writing. There are platforms for hiring freelancers , where you can hire content. You can spend between 5-100 euros per post so the "trick" is to find those editors who can write good posts at a reasonable price.